Thursday, July 2, 2009


It is so nice here in the Seattle area, and the forecast for the weekend is just as amazing. We rarely get nice weather for the 4th of July it seems so I'm super happy!

I got up a little early this morning because I had to be in Kirkland @ 7:30 when the lab opened for my blood work. I hit zero traffic and was out of there by 7:45. I ate another Luna Lemon Zest bar after they took my blood (Cullen?), Amanda @ Run To The Finish asked earlier what I thought of these bars. I love most anything lemon and these are no exception. They have the perfect lemony taste, and the texture is very light (almost reminds me of a rice krispy treat with a frosting). The macros aren't bad, but I don't think they are super great. Honestly, for 180 calories I'd like a little more than 9g of protein. However, I love the taste so I have them from time to time. :)

I was happy to be back home by a little after 8 and able to start my work day. I was also happy to have coffee finally (fasting = no coffee = grumpy Danielle). I made another Green Monster again today (same combo I've had all week) but I think I went a little lighter on the blueberries and it turned a greyish color. Whatevs, it still tasted good.

Around 11:30 I was feeling good despite them taking my blood so I thought I'd have a short run today, yeah my body said otherwise after one hill. Since I was already pretty far from home I just stuck it out, which may not have been my most brilliant move ever but the stats from my Garmin aren't nearly as bad as I thought they'd be.
I'm pretty tired now so I think I'm going to take a nap after work lol.

After my run I did a few planks.
2x 60 seconds regular plank
2x 60 seconds right-side plank
2x 60 seconds left-side plank

Then I had my usual lunch wrap, a handful of baby carrots, and 1 bunch of grapes. I just have to make it another 90 minutes at work and then it's three day weekend time! Woo hoo! I'm definitely going to take a quick nap when I'm done working, then I need to run to the store to get stuff to make some treats for the 4th of July BBQ we're going to at Brian and Debra's. :)


  1. I have your usual crappy weather over here in NH... You can have it back anytime!! ;). Good for you for stinking out your run... With all the gloom & doom here I'm having trouble motivating at all!

    Have you tried the lemon Larabar? Yum!

  2. Planks are the best. They're so boring to hold for awhile, but they really work.