Thursday, July 9, 2009

Friday Eve!

Yay tomorrow is Friday! I'm excited because I get to go out to dinner with DH (we rarely get to eat together because he works two jobs Monday, Wednesday, I usually make dinner and he re-heats). Everything sounds good, top picks right now are Indian or Chipotle (hey random). Although a new Vietnamese restaurant just opened by our house that I want to try. But DH isn't as into Vietnamese food as I am, so I'll probably try it on my own and if it's good I'll make him go. :)

Afternoon snack was about 1/2c of 0% Fage (last of the tub) and the last of my strawberries. Sadness!

I also took a nap after work, I laid down with DH (before he left) and I fell asleep to the Food network. When he left for 2nd job I went to Costco for spinach (and grapes, mushrooms, Sabra's and more Flat outs...).

I came back and made dinner, I thought I had more Thai red curry sauce (TJ's) than I thought but our dinner wasn't overly saucy. I was also too hungry to wait for brown rice to cook, so I made quinoa instead. I love that it cooks up in 10 minutes, and honestly I think it keeps me full longer than brown rice (must be the protein).

I just had a little bit of Dreyer's light slow churned Neapolitan ice cream.

And I took a cute pic of Cooper because it's so easy. :)


  1. I'd go for Chipotle, but I'm a sucker for their veggie burrito and their tortilla chips (can't get over the lime salt).

    Did you ever make it to the Brooks outlet?

  2. Yum Indian! I've only had Chipotle once. Either way it will be delicious I'm sure!!

  3. Have you ever tried the Trader Joe's Organic Brown Rice in the freezer section? You put it in the microwave for 3 minutes and tadah - it's done. It tastes just like the real cooked stuff and not instant. It is my goto all the time now instead of cooking brown rice :)