Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fun Weekend!

Well my eats weren't the best this weekend (way too much grazing), tonight's dinner was really good. We marinated a flank steak in some TJ's marinade, baked some sweet potato wedges, and grilled up some white corn on the cob. I've been out of spinach all weekend (went to Costco today though) so I cannot wait for a Green monster tomorrow morning.

I'm planning to go to the gym in the morning, which bums me because Gina won't have her plan for this week up yet so I'll improvise up a similar workout. I have to be home after work to have our new mattress delivered, which excites me so much. We've had this mattress for 11 years, no I am NOT joking...we're both having shoulder pains (DH way more than me) so I'm hoping this will help. We tried out a ton of mattresses until we found the perfect one in our price range. We even bought all new pillows today so I'm thinking tomorrow night might be my best sleep ever, so I can sacrifice a little sleep tonight. ;)

When we were at Costco today they had tennis rackets at a good price, DH wanted to teach me how to play tennis so he put one of the rackets in our cart. ;) We went up to the local high school to hit balls around this afternoon, next thing we knew it was an hour and a half later. I think this is excellent exercise for my active rest day from running. I didn't wear a heart rate monitor but I know I got it up there a few times. I definitely improved as the time went on, I think this is a good activity for DH and I.

I think I'm going to finish my dessert (bowl of ice cold pineapple) and watch the rest of Office Space with DH and go to sleep EARLY!


  1. Oooh, enjoy the new mattress! Hope it's comfy! :)

    Tennis sounds like fun... I never understand the rules, bt I like to hit the ball back & forth :)

  2. New mattresses make a world of difference! I bet your shoulder pain will be gone.