Friday, July 3, 2009

It's Getting Hot in Here...

Seriously, it is 76 freaking degrees IN my house right now. Down from 80 earlier. Thankfully we have a portable A/C unit for our bedroom because it is probably 10 degrees hotter up there. Yay for crappy insulation.

Today's eating was pretty sporadic. DH and I went to Sushi Zen for lunch, I adore their lunch bento boxes. For $7.95 you get salad, miso soup, and a bento that includes your choice of two items (I got salmon teriyaki and spicy tuna roll), 3 pieces of California roll, and the appetizer which is some scallop thing. Being the piglet I am I inhaled my whole bento (except for some of the rice that went with the 'yaki) and stole two pieces of spicy tuna roll from DH because he was full. Oink, Oink.

We wandered over to the mall because they have A/C, went to the Shane Co. to get my rings and earrings cleaned and inspected....I ended up getting DH a chain that he liked since he complained that I always get the jewelry. I'll try to take a pic tomorrow, it looks good on him. Wandered over to Old Navy to get some wife beaters tank tops for me, and grabbed a pair of the capris they had on special for $9 this week. They rock, I don't like capris that are more like cropped pants. These have ties so I can tie them off right below the knee, just like I like!

After that we went to TCBY, where I was super disappointed. They do not have coconut topping, wtf? Also their plain yogurt is not as good as this little local place (The Inside Scoop in Mill Creek for any locals that read this blog). I should have waited another 30 minutes because we went right by that place, bummer. We also went to Sleep Country to look at mattresses. I so wish we didn't have to buy a new one, but somehow this one made it 11 years and really needs to be replaced (my right shoulder has been bugging me for months now). They are having a GREAT deal through the weekend so I think we will go back and buy's $250 cheaper than normal and includes free delivery and removal of the old one.

After that we came home, DH went to go help his brother move furniture. Now for the kicker, when I was 11 I was in love with The Babysitters Club books....I did not know until last night that they actually made a movie. It was on HBO at like 11:30 so I set the DVR to record....and I indulged myself in some BSC goodness while DH was gone. LOL. You can all laugh WITH me, instead of AT me.

DH got thai on the way home, I got the Spicy basil chicken and DH got the chicken pad see ew. We shared of course. :)

I baked a few treats for tomorrow...from Tina's recipe vault @ Carrots 'n Cake I made coconut macaroons and her peanuty butter bars. I of course taste tested each (as did DH), very good and super easy. I spent one hour from start to finish including baking time for BOTH batches of treats.

I think I'm going to go over to the high school near our house early tomorrow morning and run mile repeats, it's really a beautiful school with an amazing view of the Snohomish River valley. If I seriously thought I could be up at sunrise (not bloody likely), it is an amazing sight. Ok I'm off to watch some tv!

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  1. Mmmm - peanuty butter bars... I want one!

    Think I can substitute honey for the agave nectar? Loving the short ingredient list... it's how I roll.

    I was a huge BSC fan too... was the movie any good? ;)