Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Saturday!

So my morning was super busy and I didn't have time to blog, hopefully I can remember my workout.

Last night I went to Happy Hour with two of my oldest friends (from Middle School) and a couple of newer friends. :) What I thought was going to be a fairly early evening ended up being 6 hours of happy hour. No complaints, and I kept myself in check by only having 3 Corona Lights. But even that was enough to make me retain water all day long, alcohol has that effect on me. I knew at the gym this morning before I stepped on the scale that the number would be up. My engagement ring is pretty loose most of the time and it took a few pulls to get it off. So when I hopped on the scale and the number was UP 4lbs this week, no biggie. No way did I consume enough calories this week to actually gain 4lbs LOL.

Here's my workout from today:

8 minute treadmill warmup (avg 8:45 mile).

DB bicep curls 3x10 @ 17.5lbs
DB pullover on stability ball 3x10 @ 15lbs
Hammer curl with rope attachment 3x10 @ 40lbs
Triceps pushdown with rope attachment 3x10 @ 50lbs
Lying dumbbell triceps extensions 3x10 @ 12.5lb dbs

HIIT cardio session 23 minutes.
5 minute warmup (6.5mph)
3 sets (1:00 @ 8.0 mph/1:00 @ 6.0mph)
4 sets (:45s @ 9.0mph/ 1:00 @ 6.0mph)
4 sets (:30s @ 10.0mph/ 1:00 @ 6.0mph)
5 minute cooldown

I then rushed home for a green monster and shower.

Then off to meet the BFF for an early matinee. We saw The Ugly Truth which I actually really enjoyed, I laughed out loud a lot and was entertained. I was naughty and snuck in a big bottle of water and some of the peanut buttery bars I made the other night for us to share. I also bought a small popcorn because quite frankly I have a hard time watching a movie without it in the theater. I could probably eat a whole large size by myself (and then feel like warmed over ass after the movie, I lack the filter that tells me I am full).

I went into mall because I wanted to get some new running socks, all of mine are losing their elasticity. With the Nordstorm Anniversary Sale going on I thought they might have some socks on sale and they did! I got 2 packs of new socks to try.

Nike no-show Shox cushioned socks Normally $16 for 2 pair, on sale for $10.00
Nike Drifit no-show sports socks Normally $15 for 2 pair, on sale for $9.

I'm thinking I'll try out the cushioned socks tomorrow since I'm planning a 6.5 mile run when I get up.

I also may have stopped for froyo on the way home. I stopped at Coldstone first but they only have some berry froyo and I'm a plain girl. So I got back in the car and went to my usual place. Mmmmmm.....plain froyo with coconut. I sat outside and caught up on some blog reading while I ate. :)

Okay, my Netflix of Entourage season 1 arrived today so I'm vegging out to that tonight and cooking dinner at home (quinoa, veggies, marinara).


  1. Corona Light - love them! Had two tonight actually. Would love to send you some coconut creme larabars...they have them in the whole foods near me. Everyone needs to try one. :)

  2. Great Workout!! Kudos to you!! And I bring water to the movies all the time. :) My excuse is I want to count ounces and have to keep track on my own bottle. Ahem. :)

  3. Let me know how you make out with the socks. The only kind I've found that I love are Wright socks... they're pretty pricey at $10 a pair though!

  4. Ow! Entourage is so awesome-enjoy it!! Glad you enjoyed the movie. I always sneak drinks and snacks in! They don't offer enough options (especially healthy ones!!) at the movies.