Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

It's another hot one here in Seattle, already in the 80's. I got up pretty early (7am) and had a cup of java and some Kashi Go Lean cinnamon & honey oatmeal with a spoonful of TJ's almond butter. Let that settle for a bit and decided to hit the track and do mile repeats for the first time ever. I decided before I left that I would do 3 miles, it is a half mile to get to the track so I walked it (since it is straight up a hill mostly). For me about an 8:15-8:30 mile is comfy, although I drop about 15 seconds off my mile if there is a big hill. So after talking with the hubs (who used to be a very good distance runner) I decided I'd make sure to keep my laps under 2:00 for my first time doing repeats. I did pretty good, with the exception of one of my 1st quarter miles. Also, it was all in the sun as there is ZERO shade at this track so I had to rest in the sun too but I put a bunch of ice cubes in some water in my hand held and took off.

As you can see on the chart, my first half mile was the walk to the track. Each lap listed with 5 minutes is my rest. I did 3 mile repeats, and then cooled down with a very, very, very slow jog around the track twice, and then walked home. Any suggestions for me? I'm thinking I will do 3 mile repeats once a week through July, then in August bump up to 4 miles. Does this sound right? I really want to get faster.

After that I came home and uploaded my Garmin and had a light breakfast (I'm out of spinach, boo). I had 1/2c of 0% Fage, 1 crushed Kashi honey almond flax bar, and about 6 sliced strawberries. The hubs wanted to hit Starbucks so I went with him and had a grande light vanilla coffee frap. Yum.

Ok off to enjoy my day! We're going up to Brian and Debra's this afternoon to bbq, hopefully everyone likes the treats I made last night. I was sweating over a hot oven to make them, literally.

Happy 4th of July!!

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  1. Mile repeats are a tough workout. Nice job!