Monday, June 29, 2009

The Poop Monster

So I thought about getting up early before work to get a run in, well I quickly changed my tune when I saw that it was 46 degrees outside. Yeah, no thanks. I'm a baby. So I went back to bed and will do a gym strength workout this afternoon instead (tomorrow I will run outside at lunch since we have stuff going on in the evenings, I always look at my schedule for the week and then set my workout schedule so that it is set in stone for the most part).

I started off my day with two cups of java, in the first cup I tried some of the International Delights White Chocolate Macadamia Nut creamer. I heard about it last week and knew I had to try it since white choc mac nut is my FAVORITE combo. The macros for the creamer aren't great but I don't use too much so it's fun to mix up with the vanilla creamer. I had my second cup with the vanilla creamer.

After that I moved onto a Green Monster, since I missed out yesterday I decided to make this one chock full of fun. Well it turned into more of a Poop monster...but it tasted AMAZING. Here is what went into the Poop Monster
1c Unsweetened Almond Breeze (original)
1 scoop ON vanilla whey protein powder
4 large strawberries
1/3c TJ's frozen blueberries
1/2 frozen banana
4 cups of spinach
1.5 cups of crushed ice

See, I love the flavor of blueberries and I know they are chock full of antioxidants but I hate, hate, hate the texture of raw blueberry. I do not know why but they make me gag. So I bought a bag of frozen ones yesterday at Trader Joe's. Perfect for smoothies!

I'm just munching on my morning snack right now while doing some work email.

1/2c Fage 0%
6 sliced strawberries
Half of a crumbled Kashi trail mix bar
5 PB puffins

It's a nice sunny day I'm stoked for dinner tonight, I'm making a Thai red chicken curry (one of my fave foods). I need to make sure the cilantro I have in the fridge is still good (doubtful) so I know if I need to swing into the grocery store on my way back from the gym after work.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday. :)


  1. I'm the same way about blueberries. I love them in my smoothies, but I don't like the texture of them whole.

  2. Oooh enjoy your chicken curry. I've been craving Indian food.