Friday, June 26, 2009


So my energy is much better today, although Friday always gives me an extra bounce in my step. I think my body was craving protein and rest.

I think that it is better for my body to workout earlier in the day, so I'm going to try to start waking up earlier and getting some exercise in before I start work. Maybe not everyday, but a few days a week.

I took off at 10am for the gym this morning, here is the workout I did. From Gina's Summer Shape up week 3, I modified a bit:

1 mile at 7:50. 2:10 minute cooldown.
Front Squats w/ 15lb dumbbells. 3x12
Romanian deadlift w/ 25lb dumbbells. 3x10
Plie Squat w/ calf raise (I used a single 35lb db instead of a bar on a Smith machine). 3x12

Cardio burst (6 minutes @ 6.5mph start at 0% incline and increase incline .5 every 30 seconds, ending up at 6 on the incline). 2 minutes of cooldown.

Reverse lunge 3x10 each side w/ 15lb db's
Toe touch 3x15
Ball twist 3x20 w/ 10lb medicine ball

Cardio: 2 miles on treadmill 14:57. 5 minute cooldown

Food for the day!

1 scoop ON choco whey protein powder
1 cup plain unsweetened Almond Breeze
1 frozen banana
4 c of baby spinach
1+ TB of Adam's Crunchy pb (I was generous, love this stuff)
1.5 c crushed ice

Snack: I actually got busy and forgot to eat a snack (my GM kept me full) so I grabbed a lemon zest Luna bar to eat on the way to the gym. I wish these had a little more protein for as many calories as they have but they taste so good.

Lunch: I'm actually eating it as I type this.

Flat out wrap w/ MorningStar tomato basil pizza burger, broccoli slaw, baby spinach, 1/4 avocado, 1/2 tomato and some hummus

10 baby carrots
1 big bunch of grapes.

I can't wait for tonight, actually get some time with the hubby, we're going to make salmon for dinner and I dunno what else. Maybe go rent a movie. Any suggestions?

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  1. Have fun with the hubby! I haven't seen a good movie in a while, but hope you find one!