Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Today has been mostly uneventful have gotten a lot of laundry done today in between meetings and while on conference calls. I went for a run earlier and was really disappointed in my time, mostly because the stupid trots came back. I did NOT have any dairy today, the only thing I can think of is whey protein might have caused it. I had to stop and walk a few times to keep everything in! I know TMI. So I did 4.3 miles in roughly 36 minutes (~8.22 mile pace). Which isn't that bad considering I stopped to walk, and the first mile is basically all hill. Does anyone else get the trots like I do? A few weeks ago I seriously almost had to duck into the woods... Any tips for dealing with them? It doesn't happen every time and previously my problem was dairy within an hour or so of a run.

I also did side planks, I did the right side hold for 30 seconds and then into an advanced side plank for 30 seconds (both arms straight and leg extended). Then flipped over and did the same on the left side...finished with 60 seconds of a regular plank. Repeated that twice before hopping in the shower! My arms are still shaking.

Anyways...on to a more pleasant topic. I am tired of not having a watch for my runs, my old watch went MIA. HOWEVER, I mentioned to my mom that I really wanted a Garmin training watch. Well Costco has them on sale right now so she ordered one for me as an early birthday gift, I cannot wait! I'll probably get it from her this weekend. Soooo, if you've been thinking about getting one and belong to Costco they have them for $149 SHIPPED. Killer deal.

Today's eats so far, no pics as I've been too lazy.

Breakfast: Green Monster
1 scoop ON Extreme Milk Chocolate whey protein powder
1 cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze
1TB TJ's Raw almond butter
1 frozen banana
4 cups of baby spinach
1.5c crushed ice

Pre-Run snack:
1 slice Ezekial Cinnamon Raisin toast w/ 1TB almond butter
1 sliced Fuji apple

Wrap (Flat Out multi-grain w/ flax, Sabra's sundried tomato hummus, MorningStar pizza burger, spinach, broccoli slaw, tomato, avocado, red pepper)
1 bunch of red grapes

I'm going for a pedicure after work (yay) and to meet my friend Michelle for Happy Hour after that.

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  1. Oh you are going to LOVE your birthday Garmin! I just got one for my birthday, too, and I LOVE it. Can't imagine running without it. Which one are you getting?