Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I love my Garmin

Wow, just wow...where has this been all my life? Oh, I just didn't own one. LOL. Finally a post-run pic too, really unattractive but I wasn't aiming to turn heads. ;)

So what I love about the Garmin is it's honesty...I know what really happened on my run and can look for ways to improve (and track improvement!). So here are today's stats (the full picture hopefully will show it lol):

What interested me a lot was looking at elevations, I feel like I can't possibly find a flat route around here. I'd be curious to see the elevation shots off other people's.
Onto today's eats:

Two cups of java with vanilla creamer.

One poop monster (same as yesterday).

Morning snack (pre-run) 1 slice Ezekial Cinnamon raisin toast (I'm out, I had to eat the heel today) with 1 TB Almond butter and 1/2 c cantaloupe on the side.

Lunch: Usual wrap, bunch of grapes, handful of carrots.

If anyone else has a Garmin watch I'm curious to see the elevation stats from your runs, post 'em up!


  1. I want a garmin, waaahhh! I am going to have to try to talk myself out of buying one tonight because it's on my brain! Glad you're loving yours!!!

  2. whaaaat that garmin looks SICK! i'm so jealous!

  3. I'm incredibly jealous of the Garmin. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep going with the Nike+ system.