Monday, August 17, 2009

The Sweet Spot

I've finally found the sweet spot in my workouts, the three days on and one day off is working perfectly. My legs feel fantastic and last week I was able to push out 6 quick miles (for me) on my 3rd day. My lats and biceps were pretty sore today from yesterdays workout but because of the way this week lays out I had to get a gym workout in today. Here are the details:

Cardio: Run on treadmill for 15 minutes @ 1.5% incline with varying speeds. Average speed was probably right around 7.4mph. 5 minute cooldown

DB Chest press on stability ball: 3x10 @ 22.5 (I wanted 27.5's but they were in use as were the 25's. I can do 30's but it's hard to get them up on the ball without a friend).

DB shoulder fly: 3x10 @ 10lb dbs (still getting my right shoulder back in shape, at least the pain is gone).

Tricep kickback with pronation: 3x10 @ 12.5lb db

Cardio: HIIT sprints for 6 minutes (alternating 1 minute @ 6.0, :30 @ 10.0). 3 minute cooldown

Tricep dips 3x10 bodyweight
Vogue press 3x10 @ 15lb db
Pushups: 3x10

Cardio: Elliptical for 15 minutes. Varying ramp and resistence (between 7-11).

Tonight for dinner I made the delicious Pulled chicken in the crockpot. I just eat mine out of a bowl since I'd rather have baked sweet potato fries than a bun. I also sauteed some squash, zucchini, and mushrooms in a little olive oil and then drizzled some balsamic vinegar over them. So ono!

I have a late morning run planned for tomorrow morning, not sure how far I'm going to go. I'm thinking 4-5 miles since Wednesday is an off day again.


  1. I love that you've found what works for you with your workouts. Its good to know what your body needs.

  2. Fantastic workout - glad you found your sweet spot too.

    I had to pop in to see where you were at :) Hope all is well.


  3. Aren't crockpot meals the best? SO easy! Glad you found a workout schedule that is working for you!!

    For my artichokes- I just used canned this time. I drained them and mixed the whole can with about 1 teaspoon of oil and chili powder. I put them in some tin foil and threw them on the grill! You could do them like that in the oven though too!

  4. i wish i could be so precise with my workout days, but i have to take it as they come. usually works out to about 5 days a week, thankfully, but i wouldnt bet money on when they happen

  5. That dinner sounds delicious! I have never had pulled chicken, just pulled pork on a bun. I need to get better at using my slow-cooker.

  6. Hey I was just wondering if your received the shirt from Two Knobby Tires yet? Rob wrote me and asked how you were liking it??