Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's amazing what a good run will do....

for one's mood! It's gonna be a quick one tonight, I just popped Bride Wars into the DVD player and am going to watch that. I'm a single lady until Saturday, gotta enjoy my time! I went to dinner tonight with one of my BFF's, Michelle. We did Indian. Yum yum, split an order of vegetable samosas, and I had baigan bharta and roti. Sooo yum. I wanted to lick the little dish clean.

Did a run with the 'skid' today. Temps are sooo much lower than last week. Last Wednesday our high was 103 in Seattle, today it was barely 70. My body was in heaven, I even ran in a long sleeved shirt today because the 62 at noon was FREEZING to me. I loved that we did negative splits, what a great workout.

For lunch I had mongolian grill leftovers from last night (brown rice, chicken, tofu, a million veggies).

One of my fave stores just started carrying Chobani, I picked up a couple of things of it last night and will be sure to give my opinion. I'm a total Fage girl out of necessity so we'll see how it compares. My mom said she much prefers Fage to Chobani so we'll see what I think.

Okay, I'm going to kick back and watch this movie. :)


  1. Howd you like the movie. My husband and I watched it a few weeks ago. I wasnt feeling it. But hey thats just me. I have eaten Idian once. Its good but its been awhile. Ill have to try it again. I like both fage and chobani and the price of chobani makes it even better :)


  2. I love Chobani, but I'm really not a Greek yogurt snob haha!

  3. Yum, I need Indian ASAP. It's been far too long.

    I'm jealous of the cool temps, we're still 100+ here.

  4. Justine, I liked the movie but I was looking for something to just veg to. :) I didn't think it was amazing or anything, just cute (and highly unrealistic).